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1st Philippine forum for K-pop group, Dalmatian (달마시안)! WE HAVE MOVED TO HTTP://DALMATIAN-PH.CO.CC
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 DalmatianPH Forum Rules!

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PostSubject: DalmatianPH Forum Rules!   DalmatianPH Forum Rules! Icon_minitimeThu Sep 02, 2010 10:35 pm

DalmatianPH Forum Rules

Guys! Be sure to follow the rules carefully, ok? Enjoy!

Forum Posting Rules

* 01. No Bashing - That means no bashing of other members, no bashing of Dalmatian versus any other artists, no bashing of any other artist.
* 02. No Spamming! - No double posting (edit your posts instead), no one-liners.
Consistent spamming will result in a warning. You need at least 10 words for it not to count as spam! (Emoticons do not count as words.) Please make your posts meaningful.
* 03. PG Content - Let's not forget there are minors, so please do not post anything inappropriate. No swearing, profanity, sexual content etc. Also, no need to be rude, racist etc.
* 04. Do Not Quote Images - Please take out IMG tags when quoting so it doesn't slow down the loading of the webpage for other members.
* 05. No Multiple Accounts - Please do not make a new account when you feel like having a new username! If you are caught, your accounts will be deleted. You will be able to change your username if you are Donator status.
* 06. Usernames - Please refrain from making usernames with Dalmatian's real/stage name only such as DAYDAY01, Jang_Intae, etc, etc. However, something like IloveDAYDAY is fine.

Avatar & Signature Rules

* Avatars should be no bigger than 100x100 and the max. size should is 40KB.
* No more than 2 graphics to a signature - includes banners, icons, blinkies etc
* One banner in your signature should be no bigger than 400x150. Please make sure that your signature does not stretch out the forum. And one signature graphic should be no more than 80KB!
* Max. of 4 lines for your signature including text, banners and line spaces.

Shoutbox Rules

* No use of BBCodes.
Please only provide links.
* No spamming.
Please do not post spam too many sbox comments.
* No bashing.
No inappropriate/rude/insulting etc. comments about any other member, staff, Dalmatian, or any other celebrity/artist. Unnecessary or inappropriate comments should be kept to yourself.
* Links to videos, pictures or articles are allowed, but no advertising of other forums' threads.

Breaking rules will result in your IP being blocked from the Shoutbox and inappropriate posts will be deleted. In some cases, a warning will be issued.

If a member is breaking the rules, then please let him/her know so and if he/she continues to break the rules, ignore him/her and contact an admin or mod.

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DalmatianPH Forum Rules!
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